Christmas Markets with Lake View Dinner

Christmas Markets with Lake View Dinner

We are waiting for you to experience a special day immersed in the magic of Christmas and good food.

Torbole, with the charm of the Lake dressed up for the holidays, is waiting for you to discover the most beautiful markets in Trentino. And after spending the day unearthing Christmas gifts and handicrafts, bathed in the scent of mulled wine and sugar, we welcome you to our restaurant, recommended by the Guida MICHELIN Italia 2023, for a special experience on our Lake-view veranda.


The region of Lake Garda of the Trentino region colors at Christmas time its streets, squares and its beautiful medieval villages through Christmas Markets.


The Habsburg markets of Arco, among the most famous, open their doors on November 17th to bring joy and excitement. Set in a winter landscape made ethereal by the sparkle of lights, numerous wooden huts offer objects and specialties of local and national craftsmanship. Accompanied by Christmas carols and entertainment, farm animals, the little train through the streets of the center, ponies, donkeys, and nativity scenes in the medieval village. A centuries-old tradition in all the northern countries of Europe, Arco's Advent Market offers the chance to find all the typical Christmas products, from sweets to decorations.


"Di Gusto in Gusto" is the leading Christmas event in Riva del Garda. Starting November 17th, more than 20 huts transform into temporary restaurants, offering Christmas delicacies such as strauben, canederli, and cured meat. The atmosphere is made magical by lights, music, and the typical warmth of Christmas. For families, Santa's House is a must-see attraction, open from November 25th to December 31st.


Canale di Tenno dresses up for the holidays from November 25th, with its small Christmas market in a medieval setting among stone houses and picturesque squares. In addition to the food and craft products, on December 24th, the Shepherds' Procession takes place and on Saint Stephen's Day the Christmas traditions come to life with the live nativity scene and the music of the bagpipers.


From November 18th, the Christmas market in Trento turns the historic center into a real winter fairy tale. Piazza Duomo, with its impressive tree, becomes the heart of an event that extends to the surrounding streets, where you can purchase unique crafts and delight your palate with culinary specialties.


Malcesine offers an enchanting experience from December 8th to January 7th, where the Christmas markets, the ice-skating rink, and the rides create a perfect setting to experience the festive atmosphere by the lake. Local crafts, handmade Christmas decorations, and regional gastronomic specialties are just some of the elements that contribute to the magical atmosphere of the place.


From November 24th, the festivities in Rovereto light up with bright festive lights and come alive to the rhythm of sweet Christmas melodies. The air fills with the fragrances of winter spices, where mulled wine, cinnamon, and toasted almonds promise delights for both the palate and the eyes. Don't miss the chance to immerse yourself in the magic of Rovereto at Christmas, strolling among the 50 wooden huts and discovering the Via dei Presepi (Road of Nativity Scenes).

Immersed in fairytale landscapes, book your lunch or dinner at Aqua: you can choose from tasting courses and à la carte menu. Let yourself be embraced by the unique atmosphere experienced by the lake during this period: from the Markets to the nativity scenes, to the villages and our cuisine.