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Aqua Aqua

Imagine having the Lake as your dehor. From the interiors to the veranda, everything around is immersed in the timeless atmosphere of Garda, where you can discover the meeting point of taste and enchantment.

Aqua Aqua

A meeting that can also take place in the interior spaces, surrounded by the atmosphere of material and minimal design, protected by the intimacy of twentieth-century vaults. The choice of couples and friends who want the excitement of taste all to themselves.

Aqua Aqua

Why not instead meet in an informal and at the same time elegant environment like a bar, among soft lights and lounge sounds? This is the right space to experience, before dinner, the aperitif with a capital A. Aqua's.

Aqua Aqua

With a little extra gem dedicated to wine lovers: our wine cellar with an exclusive selection of first-rate labels. A place to reserve a table and enjoy the more intimate side of Aqua restaurant.

Your romantic dinner or exclusive experience is limited to groups of up to eight people. The emotions you can experience, however, are limitless.

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"I chose to establish Restaurant Aqua by selecting professionals who, in addition to being lovers and connoisseurs of our region, know how to reinterpret our culinary heritage in an innovative way. It is precisely this interweaving of local roots and global horizons that I want to offer to our guests: a gastronomic journey that starts from the heart of our region."

Lorenzo Nodari, Owner

Aqua Aqua

"Choosing a wine means studying it, interpreting it, enhancing it, but above all, knowing who makes it."

Pietro Tamburini, Restaurant Manager

Aqua Aqua

A particular wine, an unusual, unexpected pairing that can convey emotion at the table, a surprise even in simplicity.

For Pietro it is the people who make the difference and the passion that is expressed in what they do.

He does not follow fashions, he interprets them, twists them, recreates them, unearthing unusual pairings in his attention to high quality products.