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Aqua Aqua
Aqua Aqua

Behind a recipe is alchemy. The search for techniques that ennoble flavors without altering them, the study of how ingredients react, the chemistry of dosages, the philosophy of the chef.

A journey that begins in the garden, among herbs and fruits, continues in the exciting contrasts of preparation, and results in the dish in the form of pleasure and knowledge.

All this is the delicious alchemy of Aqua.

"A combination, a flavor, a taste is not reached by chance because the success of a course starts with knowledge."

Marco Bresciani, Chef

Aqua Aqua

Chef Marco Bresciani's is a work of exploration and broad visions where the research never ends. The goal is not simply the recipe as an end in itself, but the ways in which to dissect the very mechanisms of food physics. Cooking techniques to keep the flavors intact, the study of chemical reactions in food, the little secrets that create the alchemy in the dish. 

Following the creative impetus along a path of careful research is his mode when studying the philosophy of a dish. Playing on contrasts, unexpected flavors is his way of expressing his flair.